21 Nursing School Memes to Help You Laugh Through the Pain

Being a nursing student is hard — that’s why we all need some nursing school memes to help us get through the day. After all, when you’ve been to four hours of class and four hours of clinicals and you’re looking at homework that’ll last until midnight, what else is there to do but laugh? The end might not be in sight, but sometimes it helps to know that you’re not the only one going through the struggle.

So. Scroll through. Laugh through your tears. We feel you, friend! (And don’t worry — it’ll all be worth it when you graduate with your nursing degree. We promise.)

1. Why is it so hard??

Haven’t tried this yet? Trust us — try it at home before you do it in front of your nursing school friends. It doesn’t make it any easier, but at least you’ll be used to the humiliation. Doesn’t sting so much when you’re expecting it!

2. Six brain cells and dropping fast

Betametha-what? Seriously. You’ve been pronouncing words correctly…but then in nursing school, it’s right back to stage one. And this meme isn’t kidding about the brain cells. (Yikes.)

3. So it’s week one and we’re on this path already

You know how you walk out of that first week of nursing school classes and you’re already feeling that panic creeping up your chest? Yeah, we know. Mental breakdown, here we come!

4. Hoping the patients at clinicals don’t notice the terror (this nursing school meme hits way too close to home)

Michael Scott just gets nursing students. There is no fear like the fear of falling on your face in front of a patient and your classmates and your clinical instructor.

5. And after nursing school, that’s all they’ll be good for

Want to ease the blow to your bank account? Tell yourself that you’ll refer to these books all the time after nursing school. It’s not true, but it can lull your brain into a false sense of security.

6. Remember what it was like to have high standards?

Before you went to nursing school, you were a good student. Now, you’re seriously just hoping to get out alive. Break out a bottle of wine and recreate this nursing school meme. Oh wait — you’re a nursing student. You can’t afford wine!

7. Seriously. Are you listening, Google?

Remember those generic drug names? What would you do if you couldn’t Google them? Look them up in a nursing book? Ha!

8. Graduation can’t come soon enough, and yet…

Probably best to embrace the terror of clinicals…because some day, you’re going to have to be a real nurse. And this will definitely be the face you make.

9. Wait, so this meme is saying that work will be just as scary as nursing school?

Wait for it…

You think that nursing school is crazy? This meme is basically telling you that it gets even scarier when you have to be a real nurse. Might as well lean in.

10. When Behavioral Health or Freshman Psych has you doubting your sanity

Bonus points if you start diagnosing your roommate or your family with different disorders. They’re going to love you being in nursing school.

11. NCLEX, the terror of all nursing school students

Oh friends, the NCLEX is coming. The last thing between you and a nursing job…and these are the questions they come up with? Did we learn nothing in nursing school?

12. That sinking feeling when…

This nursing school meme is painfully familiar. It happens to every student. Don’t panic!

13. Gotta stop eating from the vending machine between nursing classes

Being in nursing school does one of two things — either you don’t have time to eat, so you turn into a scary skeleton with hollow eye bags, or you only eat garbage so you gain 50 pounds and you huff and puff climbing a flight of stairs. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for your CPR performance.

14. If Dr. Google doesn’t have the answers, who does?

15. Didn’t drink coffee before nursing school? You’d better start!

16. Why is everything so hard

17. I have to do WHAT??

18. A sign that you’ll be a good nurse

19. Jim knows what we’re going through

20. Remember how naive you used to be?

21. This nursing school meme speaks the truth!

22. Anyone else? …Anyone?

23. The life of a nursing school student

24. The siren song of Target

25. Every nursing student, ever

26. Osmosis is a real way to study, right?

27. Misery loves company

28. Britney, we feel you girl

29. Remember how great that felt? Hold on to that feeling to get through nursing school

30. It would be funny if it wasn’t so true

31. And a beer would be so good…

32. Again. Would be funny if it didn’t hit so close to home.

33. Scared by these nursing school memes? Cowboy the F up — you’ve got this!

Friends, we know it’s hard to be a nursing student — but we have faith in you! Eat some vegetables, learn how to study, and you’ll be just fine. And when you’re not, come back and laugh at these nursing school memes through the tears.