25 Funny Nurse Memes to Get You Through Your Next Shift

Being a nurse can be challenging — which is why we all need a few funny nurse memes once in awhile! As the sayings go, misery loves company and laughter is the best medicine. Any time you’re feeling alone in stressing about your job, these hilarious memes will remind you that you’re not alone. Not by a long shot.

Whether you’re coming off of night shift or getting ready to start a five-day stretch, a few comical memes are just the thing to get you laughing. We see you, nurses!

1. If you run fast enough, maybe you won’t get mandated?

If you’ve ever shot out of report like a bullet, this nurse meme will hit home. After all, maybe if you run fast enough and look straight ahead, no one will ask you any questions that keep you on the floor for one. more. second.

2. Bless you, day shift nurses. This nursing meme is for you.

Day shift, night shift — doesn’t matter. The nurses that are coming to relieve you are the most beautiful people in the world. Now, all you have to do is get through report and finish charting…

3. Ron Swanson = every nurse ever

Can you ever really understand Ron Swanson until you’ve been a nurse avoiding a patient’s family? As long as they’re not coming to tell you what they found on Dr. Google, it’s fine.

4. We see you, night shift nurses!

You know how some people love to be “busy” so they can say things like “I don’t even know what day it is” for the pity nod? Nurses who work night shift live that shit. This nurse meme is for those heroes.

5. “You must be so bored!”

All the weirdos come out at night. Then, it’s just a string of bizarre behaviors. How many hours until day shift arrives? And don’t even get us started on the things ER nurses have to deal with!

6. What nurse has time to pee?

The trick to avoiding turning out like this meme about nurses? Just avoid looking at yourself in the mirror. Pretend you’re a vampire. It’s better than facing reality!

7. Seriously? Shut up.

It is 2019, and there are still people who ask this question! If they knew what nursing school was like, they wouldn’t even dare.

8. Thank the good Lord; admits are the worst

Dear management: please get your butts on the floor and do admits for the nurses. We’ll all be happier!

9. Amen to THAT. Freedommmmm!

We would say that we’re putting on clothes and heading out with friends, but you know better. It’s all Netflix and chill, but without the chill. #Nurselife

10. Every. Single. Time.

This meme is for you nurses that work with fall risks on a regular basis. LTC nurses, we see you — especially if you can’t use restraints!

11. Thank God hospitals don’t have paparazzi

New nurses, it’s pretty safe to expect that you will look exactly like this meme for your first few shifts…or your first year of nursing. But don’t worry — eventually, you’ll give up on wearing makeup and just start coming to work looking like the after picture!

12. “Nothing to see here…”

Every nurse in the world has recreated this nurse meme. The trick? Making your pretending look so realistic that the other person only suspects your true purpose. Plus, the other nurses on the floor definitely know that you’re hiding. They all do it, so who cares?

13. We love nursing, but is it worth this?

Dear management: you are the worst. Sincerely, every nurse ever. Sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice to fold shirts at the GAP and never stress out at work again?

14. Must remember to flip my name tag

Oh, the screamers. New prank idea: switch name tags with another nurse when you go in to meet the patient. That way, they’ll be screaming the wrong name all day and you can just shrug your shoulders.

15. Seriously. Don’t ask again.

Um, nursing IS exercise. How many miles do you walk on the job, Doctor in your cushy office? Let’s compare the steps on our Apple Health apps.

16. A nurse meme for the other highly specialized sprinters out there

We can’t stop laughing at this nurse meme. If you’ve ever done the sprint-speedwalk-sprint dash to a code, you know. And if you’re a nurse who doesn’t know…you will. Just give it time, grasshopper.

17. A nurse meme for everyone who’s been affected by this *&^$% nursing shortage

But really, let’s talk about the nursing shortage. How many more nurses need to be mandated or forced to work short before someone does something about it? Because if it continues, the shortage is going to get even worse…

18. Hahahaha, joke’s on you, sweetie!

There’s nothing quite like dinner with a nurse who’s chatting away about BMs and other horrors — all while the other people at the table are slowly losing their appetites. When you know, you know.

19. I am a hero among nurses. Bow to me.

Have any of the nurses out there been tempted to do the queen wave as they walk onto the floor? Or you could do like the Queen in this nurse meme and just smile benevolently at all of the peasants who definitely should be bowing to your magnanimity. Also, the nurse who would have been mandated now owes you a BIG one.

20. But seriously

One of the biggest skills they don’t teach you in nursing school is how to make pleasant small talk, all while masking your true emotions. Come to think of it, it’s a pretty valuable life skill.

21. Your couch needs you

If ever there was a true-to-life nurse meme, this is it. So many things to do — but your body is so tired from three 12s in a row that you don’t get any farther than the couch. Have you ever gotten the “Are you still watching?” message multiple times in one day? You know what we mean.

22. And that’s a good day!

See: #21. Nurses have the very special ability to hide how they really feel. Waitresses have nothing on nurses! That’s going to come in handy at your next high school reunion, at least.

23. We feel you, sister

Thankfully, every other nurse on the floor looks exactly the same. Solidarity!

24. Thank goodness for work pajamas!

So yes. Nursing is unbelievably challenging at time. But at least we get to wear the most comfortable clothes in the world — bonus points if your facility allows you to wear any ridiculous color you like. Hot pink scrubs, here we come!

25. You know a nurse loves you when they agree to take your shift

Any nurse knows that this nurse meme is TRUTH. You don’t ask someone to work your shift unless there is no other option. And if another nurse says yes? You know they love you. Also, you’re definitely going to need to repay the favor.

Nurses, we know your job can be just as challenging as it is rewarding. Any time you’re struggling to get through a shift, go hide in the med room and scroll through these funny nurse memes!